Are your shows all ages?
All of our shows are all ages unless listed otherwise.

What items are **NOT** permitted into The Webster Theater?
*No Backpacks
*No Weapons (This includes Small Pocket Knives, Utility Knives & Razor Blades)
*No Large Knives
*No Pepper Spray
*No Large Climbing Clips
*No Chains (Of any size or length)
*No Large Belt Buckles (Unless You Are A Cowboy)
*No Outside Food and/or Beverages
*No Spikes
*No Bullet Belts
*No Markers
*No Flash Lights or Laser Pointers
*No Masks (Bandanas May NOT Be Worn Over Your Face)
*No Drugs Or Paraphernalia (Prescriptions Drugs will not be allowed into the venue unless they are in a prescription bottle. The I.D. of the person holding the prescription must match the name on the bottle.)
***If any of these items are found on you they will either be confiscated or held at our box office where a ticket will be issued to you and you may pick it up after the show**

What is the layout of the main theater like?
Please see our theater layout. Our main theater is a general admission venue with a dance floor and elevated platform.

What is the Webster Underground?
The Underground is our smaller second stage. We host a variety of local, new, and up-and-coming talent on this stage. It’s a great place to see your favorite band before they get big!

What is the layout of the Underground?
The Underground has a small stage and a bar off to the side that the show can be viewed from. Despite the name, the Underground is at ground level and is connected to the rest of the theater.

What hours is your box office open?
Our box office is generally open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:00pm-4:00pm. The box office will be open on show nights up until about a half hour into the headliner’s set, during which you can buy tickets to any of our shows.

When and where can I pick up will call tickets and do I need to bring ID?
Will call tickets can be picked up the day of the show at the box office starting about an hour before doors open. Please bring a photo ID or the credit card used to purchase the tickets along with a printed email confirmation. If someone else purchased the tickets, please make a copy of that person’s ID/credit card when you pick up the tickets.

Where should I park?
There is a parking lot located next to the venue on Crown St. which generally opens an hour before doors. If this lot fills up, someone from the Webster Staff will be notifying patrons of a secondary lot behind Saint Augustine’s Church. We recommend that you use this lot instead of parking on the street. Please remember to lock your vehicle and place valuables out of sight.

Do you have any food available?
There is a concessions booth that sells water, soda and food items like popcorn, pizza, candy, etc.

Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we do in fact serve alcohol. In order to purchase and consume alcohol in our establishment, individuals 21 years old or older must present their Valid ID to the Security Staff at the front door. They will then place a wristband on your wrist so that the staff inside will know who is able and allowed to drink. Please Note: Patrons who arrive to the venue intoxicated will not be allowed into the show.

What are the acceptable forms of identification so I can consume alcohol?

  1. Motor Vehicle Operator’s License; Identity Card, either Connecticut or Out-Of-State
  2. Military Identification Card
  3. Passport (Issued by The United States or a country recognized by The United States
  4. Alien Registration Card

Are people under 21 allowed in the bar areas?
No. There are security personnel at each of the entrances to the bars and each person entering the bar must have a 21+ wristband.

Is The Webster handicapped accessible?
Yes. Please call in advance so that we may reserve a spot for you and possibly allow you early entry into the venue (generally about 10 minutes before doors open).

How can I rent the VIP room?
Please call the office for more information on renting the VIP room.

What are the set times for a particular show and does the show start when doors open?
The set times for shows are determined on the day of the show several hours before doors open, so we will not know set times until then. Generally the first band will go on an hour after doors open for shows on the main stage, and a half hour after doors in the Underground.

Why does my ticket have a seat number?
Tickets are automatically printed with a number. The number does not indicate a seat in the venue, as The Webster is general admission.

Can I reserve tickets?
Tickets may not be reserved without paying for them. You may purchase tickets at the Webster box office, through SeeTickets.us, or FYE Music & Entertainment stores.

Can I purchase tickets over the phone?
You cannot purchase tickets over the phone. Tickets are not sold over the phone directly through the Webster box office; you must physically come to the box office.

Why aren’t you answering the phone during shows?
Often times our staff is working in different parts of the venue and is not near a phone to answer it. Please try calling back during a weekday or leave a message.

How do I go about booking a show at the Webster?
Please send an email to booking@webstertheater.com.

Can I rent the venue out for a night?
Please call the office at (860)525-5553 with specific inquiries.